Sunday, 30 October 2016

More than enough

Luke 6:20–31

we are the poor whom Jesus blessed,
never enough to pay the bills,
never enough to quench the thirst
or fill any need, never, never

ours is the kingdom, Jesus said,
to us God issues an invitation,
for us God opens wide an embrace,
to us is given enough, always,
at last, enough.

we are the rich, the smug satisfied,
we gather, accumulate, more than we
need; build our fences high to cover
our greed and obscure those who have
nothing, for we have it all.

we have our comfort, we have our fill,
do we bother considering what the future
will hold? now is the time, eternity can
wait – who knows if heaven is even there
after all.

we are the weeping whom Jesus blessed,
the excluded, reviled, hated, defamed;
we frighten, cause discomfort, pose
a problem too complex to solve.

ours will be laughter, joy will be
ours, Jesus has promised, and he
does not lightly promise. God includes
us and God delights in us, we, God’s delight,
we, God’s beloved.

we are the laughing, the praised and admired.
we will enjoy it, thank you, take as much
as we find; seek more, and more, tell us
again of our beauty, our riches, our cleverness,
oh, we want it all!

I am the Love. I am the mercy.
I the one reviled and rejected,
defiled and dishonoured, when some
have much more and there is more than
enough to go round to the hungry,
the lonely, the sad. I am the mercy.
I AM the Love.

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