Sunday, 2 October 2016

Praise the Holy Name

Psalm 66:1–2

create a sound from deep within,
sing full, cry out, speak loud for all
to hear your praises of the Holy One.

all life on earth, whatever breathes,
return that breath with gratitude
to the Source, the Breath, the Wind.

with joyful voice, delighted heart,
with wonder, awe, and love, sing
true the splendour of God our Maker.

sing the greatness, ring out the radiance
with bells peeling through city streets,
music floating above the fields.

give as you have been given – with joy
immeasurable, generosity unstoppable,
let it bubble and pop and spout and flow.

sing low, sing high, sing gladness that rides
the night time horses as boldly as it
frolics in the sunshine – only sing!

sing your songs of praise to God, all
who dwell on earth; sing day and night,
sing forever to the name of holiness itself.

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