Sunday, 15 September 2019

Lament for creation

after Psalm 79:1–9 

O Holy One,
humanity inherited your creation
here on Earth,
and defile this holy temple,
have brought it all to ruin.

Your messengers are slaughtered,
blood runs rivers on this ravaged
Earth –
we are a mockery, our descendants
will look on us with shame.

How long, O Holy One?
Will you be angry forever?
Hear the voices of the contrite,
heed our plea for help.
Hold humanity to account – not ransom –
restore your Earthly temple.

Remember us not for the mistakes
our ancestors – even we – have made,
but meet us with your compassion;
we are brought so very, very, low.

Help us, Holy One of restoration,
deliver us, forgive humanity,
for your own names' sake:
restore your Earth to life.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

the search for home

Part 1. 
Luke 15:1–10 

I am the lost sheep,
distracted, tempted
by what seemed greener. 

Jesus, search for me,
and bring me home. 

I am the lost coin,
discarded, neglected
as little, too little. 

Jesus, search for me
and help me shine. 

I am the grumbler,
disturbed, incensed
at your welcome of – 'them'. 

Jesus, search for me,
show me your way. 


Part 2. 
Luke 15:11–32 

I am the lost son,
discontented, impatient
to be my own person. 

Jesus, search for me,
return me to Home. 

I am the lost son,
disheartened though granted
all I need and more. 

Jesus, search for me, 
bring my love Home. 

I am the lost parent,
dejected, incomplete,
a child turned from me. 

Jesus, search with me,
bring my children Home. 


Sunday, 1 September 2019


Jeremiah 18:1–11
Go, then, responding to the invitation from God 
to be a partner in creating vessels to hold the gospel treasure, 
fragile vessels, vessels of beauty, with
the Creator to gently mould you,
Wisdom to keep you centred in the way of Christ
and the Spirit to breathe life through you


to become your disciples

Luke 14:25–33 

Acknowledging our brokenness
Holy One, we pray,
where our tribal trees
twist and bind us,
let us stretch out, break free;
where branches constrict,
suffocate, give us air
again to breathe.

Where we lie buried,
rest possessed,
dig us out;
turn us around towards

Where we have stuck
ourselves, stuffed our
own self, blow it all
down, build us again,
anew, your people,
for you.


Assurance of grace 

We come to worship woven into relationships:
relationships that heal and nurture,
relationships experiencing brokenness and pain.
God welcomes each of us as we are,
offers joy and hope,
comfort and healing,
grace as we return to God’s Way of Love.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Praise to our source of life!

after Psalm 81:1, 10-16

Cry your thanks to our Creator,
shout for joy to our source of strength!

Listen now to the Voice that calls,
walk in the Way of Wisdom.

Turn your face to the Sacred Breath,
remember from whom we receive life!

Sing aloud to Holy One,
shout for joy, let praises ring!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

of faith and conviction: three

Praying with 'the Hebrews'. Suite for Year C portions of the letter. 

Hebrews 13:1–8, 15–16 

in hope, with conviction,
the example you have seen.

go on, with mutual love: 
look deep for the angels 
in the guise of strangers;
see the prisoner, see
the tortured, as if your own
go on, with mutual love: 
honour love and covenant,
yours, your neighbours'. 
go on, with mutual love: 
trust the Holy, do not fear,
and so, show gratitude,
know peace, be content. 
go on, with mutual love,
with Jesus the Christ,
offering praise to Holy One;
be kind, be generous,
delight the Holy One. 

in hope, with conviction,
we see you, Holy One,
we stand in your holy realm. 


Sunday, 18 August 2019

interlude: heed the invitation

Praying with 'the Hebrews'. Suite for Year C portions of the letter. 

Hebrews 12:18–29 

untouchable fire,
spirit-angel assembly
opens, holy realm