Saturday, 20 April 2019

A prayer for Holy Saturday

Psalm 31:1–4

from this darkness,
hear my cry:
be my refuge,
Holy One.

from this darkness,
hear my cry:
rescue me, save me,
Holy One.

you are my rock,
you are my refuge:
I remember, remember me.

release me from this net
that binds me,
my rock, my redeemer.

from this darkness,
hear my cry:
save me, refuge of lovingkindness,
my rock, my Holy One.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

A servant's prayer: 2

Isaiah 50:4–9a 
Holy Week: Wednesday

Thank you, God, for your gift,
wise words to sustain the weary.
Thank you, too, for opening my ears,
that I may hear the cries
and the silence of those who suffer much.

Your gifts equip me for faithfulness,
wisdom to endure attack with courage.
If I am met by adversaries,
I stand firm for my confidence is You.
these words and actions of the world
will perish, so I look to You, Eternal One,
and know, I stand with Holy One,
therefore I shall endure.

Monday, 15 April 2019

A servant's prayer: 1

Isaiah 49:1–9 Holy Week: Tuesday

I pray to God as a servant:
may I be like them,
the servants you called in
ages past, the ones in the stories
we tell. May I be a servant
who knows my Creator,
my origin in the Source of all life.

May I speak like the servant
whose tongue was a sword,
who was sharpened like an arrow:
make me to speak with purpose,
your word in every breath.

When my labour seems futile,
my effort unrewarded, remind me
of the servant who knew
that yours is the strength to hold
your servants, yours the light
we bear. You are the One
who chooses us, you our faithful
Holy One – like servants in ages
long ago, in stories we tell today,
may I be a servant who remembers
I am, because You are.

In praise and honour of Holy One

Isaiah 42:5–9 Holy Week: Monday

This is our God, Holy One:
the One who created the heavens,
sprawling expanse above and beyond;
who spread the earth wide and filled it
with life and breath and Spirit;
the One who beckons us into
right relationship, who guides
and keeps, who gives light and hope;
the One who calls for justice,
liberation of the imprisoned,
insight for the blind –
this, this is our God,
the Holy One of Mercy,
ever present, ever faithful.
Praise and honour to our God,
praise and honour, Amen.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Easter prayers from and for the world

Luke 24:36–49 

Stand among us,
risen Christ Jesus:
bring peace to us again. 

When miracles happen
and we struggle to accept,
show us your presence again.

When death casts its shadow,
frightens and terrifies,
show us life enduring anew.

Stand among us,
risen Christ Jesus:
bring joy to us again. 

When story and scripture
get tangled in our confusion,
show us your Way again.

When the Divine seems far away,
and waiting seems far too hard,
whisper your promise again.

Stand among us,
risen Christ Jesus:
bring hope to us again. 

The words in bold could be spoken by the congregation. 

It is true

Luke 24:1–12 


we don't believe it
it is true! 

we don't believe you
it is true! 

we won't listen
it is true! 

we trust our own eyes only
it is true! 

and in the truth
of our humanity
flawed and fragile,
beautiful and bombastic,
you came, you come,
you lived, you died,
you live again

bring us into your truth
of our humanity,
of your Sacred wonder –
draw us into new life!


Here we are
on Easter Day,
the day of resurrection:
believe it,
it is true,
grace, love, life,
are here for you,
for us all.
Be at peace.

the refrain of 'it is true' could be spoken by a woman, a group of women, or all the women in the congregation, to draw attention to the story from which this prayer takes its inspiration: the male disciples not believing the female witnesses to the resurrection. 
speaking the refrain as a whole congregation draws us into our own disbelief. 
be creative as you pray this prayer in a meaningful way for your community. 

Run Home

Luke 24: 1–12 

knocked off our balance
what is this
who is this
how have we
so close
to wonder
tilted ever slightly
every moment
a new even
more even
imagination, vision
catch up now
how close
we are
touch it
taste it
this new even