Sunday, 19 November 2017

The witnesses

Matthew 25:37–46

Angels will bear witness
when the Son of Humanity comes,
when people are divided,
the inheritance of blessing received.

Angels will bear witness
as the stories then are told,
of hungry fed, or left to starve;
of thirst quenched, or panting, wanting;
the naked clothed or left exposed;
strangers welcomed or neglected;
the sick cared for or abandoned;
prisoners remembered, or shunned.

Angels will bear witness
to kindness inviting kindness,
cruelty reaping punishment,
and God’s Wisdom understood, at last.

Sunday, 12 November 2017


Psalm 123

through diamond tears in
deep blue canopy above
my eyes reach for you

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Be ready for the day

Matthew 25:1–13

call to worship

keep watch
keep up
keep your lamp alight!

prepare yourself
for the day to come,
the day of new life beginning.

keep watch!
be ready to greet our God!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

We are the hypocrites.

confession and assurance of grace

Matthew 23:1–12


When we do not practice what we teach here,
forgive us, God of grace.
When we place burdens on each other,
too heavy to be born,
do nothing to relieve the suffering of another,
forgive us, God of grace.

When we do good deeds for applause, not kindness,
are disciplined for show, not closeness to you,
forgive us, God of grace.
When we take on positions for the honour of the rank,
expect adoration and the best seat for ourselves,
forgive us, God of grace.
When we forget it is you who are great,
and we the servants to you and each other,
when we seek to be exalted, rather
than to kneel before you in humble gratitude,
forgive us, God of grace.

assurance of grace 

We have one teacher: Wisdom, Jesus, Word of God
We have one guide: Spirit, Breath, Wind of God
We have one source of life: Creator, Father, Womb of God

Receive from the Holy One Holy Three
the grace to heal you,
love to nurture you,
life to restore you.
Know you are forgiven.
Thanks be to God. Amen.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Begin in love

Matthew 22:34–46

Build a scaffolding of love,
each beam, each joint,
each step to climb on, made
of love directed God’s way,
reaching to your neighbour,
touching you, yourself.

And on that scaffold you will hang
securely all the teaching,
the laws and rules and wisdom
from our forbears and our God
that will lead you into life.

And if they fall away no longer
useful, the teachings and the rules
for living wisely, the scaffold still
remains to hold new precepts and new
guidelines for your living well,
if you begin with love.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

To whom we belong

a call to worship from Matthew 22:15–22

Whose head is this?
he asked of Caesar’s coin.
Give it to the Emperor,
give him what is his.

Whose name is on your heart?
he asks of God’s own people.
Give yourself to God,
give God everything of God.

Sunday, 8 October 2017


a confession, a lament, and an acceptance of grace

Matthew 22:1–14

1. Confession

I am invited to a banquet,
but I decline, instead
to work in my own interest,
seeking profit, power, prestige;
to focus on my survival,
as if it depends on me alone.

I am invited to a banquet,
but I decline: I do not see
the invitation as worthy
of my attention or attendance;
I treat the messengers with all
contempt and do them harm,
then walk away.

I am invited to a banquet,
I accept, but do not dress,
do not present myself as grateful
for the invitation, or the feast.

I am invited.
I have the freedom
to disregard the invitation,
and I will remain outside in my
arrogance and greed, my inability to heed
the gravity of the choice to join in the feast or go
oh, so hungry.

2. Lament

I invite you to my banquet,
but you decline, insist
on doing this without me,
going your own way.

I invite you to my banquet,
want you here to celebrate,
to feed your hunger, quench
your thirst, but you will turn away.

I welcome you to my banquet,
and you enter all entitled, clothe
yourself with disrespect and I
am wounded, spill my blood upon the floor.

3. Acceptance of grace

We accept the invitation, here
to feast in joy and celebration,
in this moment take the posture
of gratitude and awe; we are invited,
we are accepted, we are welcomed
in grace and love, and we accept.

Together: We are invited, we are accepted,
we are welcomed in grace and love:
and we accept.