Sunday, 21 May 2017

protect them

John 17:1–11

Jesus looked up to heaven,
looked within his breaking heart.

Jesus spoke with words
and with the groaning Spirit.

Jesus spilled sorrowful bubbles,
shed gratitude, bled love.

Jesus named them, called them,
welcomed, taught, and led them.

Jesus took them, gifts of God,
made them gifts for a desperate world.

Jesus gave them, hands trembling,
to eternal care and kin-dom.*

Jesus looked to his Holy Home,
groaning, hoping, breaking.

* ‘kin-dom’ – Bruce Sanguin

Sunday, 14 May 2017

to love

John 14:15–31

to love me is
to keep my teaching,
to ask your teacher,
to trust your helper;
abide, rely, reside
in Spirit and in

we love you, so
we stay with you;
we listen, answer,
we live and catch
you up in Our life:
remain, reveal, abide, in

for instruction I
foreshadowed much,
for mystery is strange
for those who are not ready –
but stay the course and heed
my words, follow them, in

to love me is
to keep my words,
the Holy words of God;
it is to be a home
for God and find in God
your own, eternal,

Sunday, 7 May 2017


John 14:1–14

You will do more,
more than I have done;
you will do more,
through me, if you ask, in love.

You will know more,
know me, know God, know you;
you will know more,
will see that you always knew.

You will be more,
together, a body, an embrace;
you will be more,
with Us, and our Holy grace.

You will come home,
I promise, you know the way;
you will come home,
where you have been, with me, always.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Divine care

after Psalm 23
Fourth Sunday in Easter

All is ready,
the Divine host has prepared
for all our needs.

Still places, thin places,
where waters flow,
wildflowers show off
the bounty, beauty
of creation: souls
restored, minds cleared,
bodies rested. The Divine
has taken such good care.

Even in the dark places,
the harsh places, where
rain does not fall, where
soil cracks deep and
thirsty, Divine Comfort is,
even there: stars pierce
the night, angels’ flight
sends a breeze to ease
the mind, give body breath,
soul rest; to clear a path
of humility, of kindness.
The Divine has taken
such good care.

A home awaits, feast is laid,
cups ever full, love overflowing,
mercy, goodness, showered
like oil anointing each day
of life, and here I’ll stay,
in this house the Divine
has made ready for us,
the beloved, Divinely loved.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Psalm 116

Third Sunday of Easter

What can I give to God
in gratitude for all
that God has done?

God is my healing balm;
our God is merciful.
God hears the heart’s cry;
our God is love and kindness.
God restores my life;
our God is Source of life and love.

I have nothing to compare,
nothing I can give, but I myself,
my trust, my dedication,
my prayer and my attention.
I give you, God, from the depth of me,
my thanks, and praise you with all I am,
which all is only, because of You.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

To Stay

Psalm 114 
Easter Evening

Tremble, Earth – God is near
Tremble, Death – Life is here
Tremble, Sea – Love is risen
Tremble, Sky – Wind is coming

Psalm 16

Second Sunday in Easter 

I choose to follow God
and live a Way of Love;
I find in God the Love
that gives me life to live.

I hear the call of God
beckon me toward what is good;
I find in God all goodness,
and always have enough.

I trust the teaching of God,
trust Wisdom, the prophets, psalms;
the psalms give voice to all my prayers,
and Wisdom’s voice is ever near.

I discern from God in prayer
and learning, a path to walk;
I walk that path rejoicing
with God, whose presence is my joy.