Sunday, 15 July 2018


Mark 6:30–34, 53–56 

the water of life
withdraws deep, draws breath: 
the shore calls again 


Mark 6:30–44

come away to a deserted place,
rest awhile my friends 

     and so they came,
     so many friends that none
     could feel deserted

here in this deserted place,
where shall we find food? 

     they asked and did not know 
     just what they had,
     indeed, requested 

this is no deserted place, for you 
are here, so you give the people food

     have we the money
     for five thousand shares? 
     we've only enough for ourselves!

that's plenty, in this deserted place, 
for we are not alone: 

     God bless this food,
     and bless our friends,
     and feed us till we are full 

all who gathered in that deserted place
ate, till they were full 

     and look! there's loads
     still here, we'll eat
     leftovers for a week!
come away to a deserted place,
rest awhile my friends. 

Sunday, 8 July 2018

aka: the King of Glory

Psalm 24

Who is the Queen of Love and Honour? 
The One to whom earth belongs? 
Who set the world, its rivers and seas? 
Who is the Queen of Love and Honour? 

Who is the Queen of Love and Honour? 
Who shall stand in her holy place; 
the honest, the faithful, the pure in heart? 
Who seeks the face of the Holy One? 

Who is the Queen of Love and Honour? 
Life your heads, O gates, arise, O doors, for
she comes, with strength and grace, she
comes, the Queen of Love and Honour. 

Who is the Queen of Love and Honour? 
Our God, the Breath of Life;
our revered Wisdom, Creator God. 
This is the Queen of Love and Honour. 

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Holy City

Psalm 48 

The city of Holy One: 
Architecture in Time,
Sacred space in which to pray,
to be, to love, be loved
by the Divine. 

The city of Holy One: 
mountain peak and sunset
beach, horizons drawing sacred 
praise from within,
for the Divine. 

The city of Holy One: 
temples, these bodies of broken
walls and leaking windows, standing
before the Divine.

Sunday, 24 June 2018


Psalm 130
A lament 

this cavern runs deep
and I crawl, crawl toward
the morning: hear me cry 

these ashes bury me deep,
and I gasp, gasp for your 
Breath: hear me cry 

this pacing wears deep
treads and I watch, I watch
for you: hear me cry 

your lovingkindness reaches deep
and I weep, I weep, in your
embrace: hear me cry

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Call of Hezekiah to the people of Holy One

2 Chronicles 30:1-9 
a call to worship

Return to Holy One,
the God of our ancestors.
May Holy One turn again
towards you.
Do not be like the faithless;
do not be rigid in resistance
to Holy One. Rather, yield,
and come into the sanctuary
of Holy One's embrace .

May Holy One's anger
recede, and Divine wrath
smoulder no more.
Return to Holy One, and find
there, you and your children,
Divine compassion; find home,
and grace, and mercy.

Turn towards the Holy,
who turns to you on your approach.


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Trust in Holy One

Psalm 9:9–20
A prayer for the world 

We trust in the Holy,
fortress-like for the troubled,
refuge for the oppressed.

We trust in you, Holy One,
you do not turn away
from those who seek you.

We sing praise to the Holy,
tell of what we know: Holy One
remembers the cries of affliction.

We seek your grace, Holy One:
lift us into life when we need
saving, as you have before.

We trust in the Holy,
impatient with injustice,
known in the ways of Wisdom.

We will not forget you, Holy One,
for we know the poor are not
forgotten by you, source of our hope.

We wait on you, Holy One,
for humanity to remember we
are not Divine – but you, you are
the Holy One.