Sunday, 23 September 2018

his guts wrenched

Mark 9:38–50 

Jesus looked at the little ones with them,
the starving, the hurting, the children
not old enough to count; he looked
at the healed with them, restored,
forgiven, connected; he looked, then,
at his disciples, the ones he hoped
were learning all he was teaching,
through his words, through his love:
his guts wrenched within him, his heart
beat quickened, and he could not stop
the projectiles vomiting forth  –

cut it off, that hand
that causes you to stumble – 
get it out, protect yourself
from that harm! 

cut it off, that foot 
that causes you to fall – 
limp around, rather 
than suffer that fate! 

tear them out, your eyes, 
if they cause you blurred vision – 
what good are they to you,
if you are too far from God to see? 

he licked at a tear rolling over his lip:

what good is salt if its saltiness
is gone? Protect your saltiness! 
Be at peace together. Be at peace.
Be at peace. 

And he stopped, waved them away,
and sat, searching for the salt.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

A Wisdom Blessing

Psalm 1, Prov 31:10-31 

And now, take delight in the law of Love,
meditating day and night
with Holy One, with Love,
and be like trees beside streams that run deep.

May Holy One, Holy Three bless your labours,
Inspire your lovingkindnes for all,
and walk with you on the Way of Wisdom.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Joy is yours

Psalm 1 

Joy is yours, my friend,
when you dismiss sinister advice,
when you choose not to walk
the path of miscreants,
not to sit with those who mock.

Joy is yours, my friend,
taking delight in the law of Love,
meditating day and night
with Holy One, with Love.

You will be like trees beside streams
that run deep; you will grow healthy fruit,
sprout rich green leaves.
Joy, deep joy, will be yours.

The miscreants will not know joy,
but will fly like chaff, useless,
carried away on the wind.
They have no roots, they cannot stand.

But you – Holy One watches over you,
and while miscreants perish,
you will know joy!

Sunday, 9 September 2018

She calls

Proverbs 1:20–33 

On the main street at noon,
when the pavement is crowded,
vendors hustling, consumers
bustling, dealers wheeling,
printers reeling – one voice
rises above it all, one
woman strides her own path through.

Wisdom is here again,
calling to all who will listen:
'How long? How long, my guileless
children, will you choose to remain
in the dark? How long
remain naive, how long will you keep
your ignorance? Listen to me!
I would give you all I have –
if you would listen, turn, follow.

'I laugh at your stumbling, for I
would have helped you to stand.
I mock at your drowning, for I
would have calmed the storm.

'Listen, my children, please
listen to me: you can live
at ease, find peace,
if you would only listen
when Wisdom calls to you.'

Sunday, 2 September 2018

do you really believe?

James 2:1–10 (14–17) 

In walk the well-dressed,
well-kept, well-mannered
members of the assembly;
How are you and how do you do, 
and please sit next to me. 

In walk the untidy, unwashed,
ill-mannered poor
members of the assembly;
cough. Oh, you, what shall we do? 
wouldn't you be happiest in the corner? 

Is this the way of Jesus the Christ?
Do we honour him with our judgment,
unkindness, snobbery, disdain?

Or has not the Holy chosen the poor
as heirs to the Holy Realm?

Love your neighbour, every neighbour,
Jesus said, and Jesus did; and thus
we will keep the law of Love,
thus enter the Holy Realm, together.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Religio: the life

James 1:17–27 

this is what we strive for:

to see, clearly, through the glass
with perfect love – to
Perfect Love;

to remember, stepping through
the frame, into
the tableau;

to embody, to enact, through
perfect love – with
Perfect Love;

to see, clearly, the overlooked,
the little, the least: to
see, to act, to love

this is the religion we strive to live;
Perfect Love,
may it be so.


this may be a call to worship, or a statement of faith / purpose 

Sunday, 19 August 2018

pray in the Spirit

Ephesians 6:18-24 

Keep alert and pray always in the Spirit.
Pray for each other to have courage
in bearing witness to the mysteries of the Divine.

May the peace of the Spirit be with the whole community,
May you receive love and faith from Jesus the Christ,
and may the Creator's grace be with all who love Holy One.