Sunday, 13 January 2019

the banquet

John 2:1-11 

in wine once water
find miracle - or saving
what is best for last 

as we pray

Psalm 36:5-10 

Holy One, as we pray for all within and beneath the great blue canopy,
we trust the reach of your love and faithfulness so far.

As we pray for justice, Holy One deeper than the ocean,
we trust you to preserve all that lives on earth.

As we pray for all who yearn for refuge from life’s storms,
we trust your unfailing love - like broad, strong wings of shelter.

As we pray for all who hunger, are thirsty, Holy One,
we trust in the abundance of your home, to which all are welcome.

Holy One, as we pray from dark nights and dark days,
we trust you: fountain of light to ignite our own.

As we pray for ourselves and the world, Holy One,
we trust your love, source of right relationship and wellbeing, source of Love.


Sunday, 6 January 2019

Jesus: baptised

Luke 3:21-22 

the ache of yearning
water drawing me on a line
I long to drop
be held
no more -
dive into the air
water flung in abandon
reaching out to the yearning

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Light dawning

After Isaiah 60:1-6 

the light has come
once again,
born in our midst,
born in the story,
the light has come
once again,

darkness settles
all too soon,
rises between us,
overshadows our story,
darkness settles
all too soon

come to the light
once again,
gather together, rejoice!
hear the story and sing!
come to the light,

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Shine like Zion

After Isaiah 61:10-62:3 

We come to rejoice in Holy One;
with our all we sing our praise.
for Holy One clothes us in hope,
enfolds us in kindness and love.

As earth presents its precious shoots,
new life sparkling treasure,
so Holy One evokes justice and joy,
new life sparkling before all.

And we will not be silent - no!
And we will not be complacent.
We shall be like Zion of old,
sparkling in praise of Holy One,
shining light for all to see
our precious, treasured, Holy One.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

A story of justice, peace and joy

God give you comfort, gentle folk,
disturb you on the Way;
remember Jesus, child of Love,
was born on Christmas day
to save us all from tyranny,
for we have gone astray.

O, story of justice, peace and joy, peace and joy.
O, story of justice, peace and joy.

From Spirit, Wisdom, Creator,
the blessed angels came,
revealing to the shepherds:
the world has changed today!
A child is born, to Mary,
the Son of God, by name.

O, story of justice, peace and joy, peace and joy.
O, story of justice, peace and joy.

Now to our God sing praises,
all you within this place,
and with true loving kindness
each other do embrace;
thus Christ is born, and born again -
we need his light to blaze.

O, story of justice, peace and joy, peace and joy.
O, story of justice, peace and joy.

'A story of justice, peace and joy.'
Words: (c) Sarah Agnew 2018.
Tune: God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

Monday, 17 December 2018

The Shepherd’s Story

Luke 2:1-20 

In that region,
shepherds lived,
watching over flocks
in fields.

On that night,
in those fields,
an angel standing
startled shepherds.

The angel spoke,
to calm their fear
with good news
of great joy for all.

A baby born
in David’s town,
your long awaited hope
he is: Messiah! See!

Go find the child,
wrapped up tight,
lying in a manger.

A multitude - a
sudden multitude
of singing, praising,
angels - Glory be
to Holy One, and peace
be known on earth. 

A silence - a sudden,
still and shocking
silence fell
among the shepherds.

Then urgency, we
must go - now -
to Bethlehem, to find
this hope, this child.

On that night
Shepherds left
their fields, their
flocks, and flew
Into town in a flurry

Then fell to silence,
Once again,
at the foot
of a newborn’s bed.

Mary heard,
Joseph heard,
everyone awake
heard the shepherd’s tale.

Angels and singing,
shock and running,
silence and awe and wonder.

Mary took the shepherd’s
story like treasure
to enfold
in her heart.

Back to the flocked
fields the shepherds
floated home:

such excitement
they’d known in that
region, on that startling,
hope-filled night.