Sunday, 28 June 2020

Rescue me

Romans 7:15–25 

Tyrant's tendrils wind
tangled knots bind high, tighter: 
breath of Peace – release 

Sunday, 21 June 2020


Matthew 10:40–42 

a sort of confession,
a sort of intercession,
a commitment to offer
what I have, in welcome 

I have but a cup,
cold water to quench
a moment's thirst.

It is not a bucket or
a well; no stream
or lake or river.

I have a cup, I have
cold water to quench
your thirst this moment:

drink, well met; drink,
refresh; drink, and may you
find your way to the source.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

More like my teacher

Matthew 10:24–39 

Jesus, bid me lose my life
so I may find more life with you.

Jesus, bid me stand my ground,
so I stand for peace with you.

Jesus, bid me claim your Way,
so I may enter your kin-dom now.

Jesus bid me risk my life,
so I may gain a life worth living.

Jesus, whisper life to me,
that I may shout it with my being.

Jesus, meet me in the dark,
and in the light I'll speak with freedom.

Jesus, make me more like you:
whisper, linger, bid me come to life!

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Grace for the scoffers and deniers

Genesis 18:1–15 

'I did not laugh.' 
'Oh, yes, you did laugh.' 
Gen 18:15 

When your message is hope for those oppressed,
for surely hope is futile –
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did.

When your call is to make room for the outcast,
for surely they belong outside –
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did.

When your love means staying home, staying away,
for surely, you did not mean us? – 
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did. 

When your justice demands we let them cross our border,
for surely we can not take that risk – 
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did. 

When your peace requires presence, reconciliation, restraint,
for surely we need not pay such costs – 
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did. 

When your Way is welcome, generosity, vulnerability,
for surely not? Not us, not such price, no now – 
we laughed;
then we denied it.
Oh, but you know we did. 

Forgive us our scoffing, our dismissal.
Forgive us our denial, our dishonesty. 
Heal our shame, 
God of grace,
God of surprise,
God of Love. 

Holy One sees and hears.
Holy One understands our fear. 
Holy One extends a hand to bid us stand,
leave our tents of safety and comfort,
and with courage, to embrace the Way
of grace, surprise, and Love. 

Sunday, 31 May 2020

live well, in love and peace!

a benediction – 2 Corinthians 13:11–13 

After all, my siblings, rejoice!
Hear our teaching and exhortations,
live well,  live in peace,
encourage one another.

Holy One who is love and peace
is with you – embrace
one another in love.

Grace, as with Wisdom,
love, from our Parent,
and kinship, in the Spirit,
be with and between you all. Amen.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

Fly to us Spirit Holy

Acts 2:1–21 

Fill our rooms with sound,
with wind, with rushing; 
bowl us over, unsettle us,
ruffle us with your feathered
wings, Spirit Holy, Spirit Breath. 

Float your fire above us, 
dance your flames, radiate
your heat, delight us, 
ignite us with your flickering
tongues, Spirit Holy, Spirit Fire. 

Flit on our voices with words
that others will understand,
speak in us, sing through us, 
vocalise your force 
of life, Spirit Holy, Spirit Friend. 

Monday, 18 May 2020

Sing praises with a Psalm

Acts 1:1–11 and Psalm 47 

Is this the time our nation
will rise again? Is this 
the time we have our own
king again? 

People, clap your hands, 
shout joy, sing loud,
to Holy One Most High,
awesome, king of all the earth! 

Is this the time to sing 
again, to shout our God 
is king of all the earth? 

Sing of God who sets 
our seat beyond the rest; 
sing of God, gone up with shouts
and trumpet sounds, sing praise,
sing praise, sing praises with a psalm! 

Why gaze into the clouds, dear
folk, when he is gone? 
Why watch the sky when he
has given you the earth to walk in peace? 

The princes gather? 
Our God is king – with shields
and throne and – ? 

Walk the earth in peace,
your God will come among you
as before and always, not as
the kings of earth. 

A Holy 'king', a Holy realm,
princes will be like all
the people of Holy One, 
exalting Holy One alone,
who are our shield, our song. 

This is the time, so sing
your joy aloud, so open
to the realm of God that comes
upon the earth: sing 
praises with a psalm!