Sunday, 16 June 2019

A cry of anguish

after Psalms 42 & 43 

Where is your God? they ask
when I am troubled – where
is your Holy One? I cannot
answer from deep within this dark
disquiet: I ask, myself, where is my God?

For tears are all I drink, both day
and night; sorrow the only
food for this starving soul. But I
have danced with multitudes, sung
with pilgrims psalms of praise: remember,
soul, hold on to hope – we will
sing our praise again.

Like a kangaroo traversing wide
brown land, I reach with all
remaining strength for water
holes, for streams of life to quench
my thirst, to sate my longing
for my God, to bring me back.

Where is your God? they taunt
me still, and still I say, hold on:
hold on, my soul, remember – hope –
the song shines moonbeams,
of lovingkindness, sunshine
shimmering in the night. Hold
on, dear soul, your wounds
will heal and trouble will abate.

Holy deep calls to your deep
anguish, thundering tremors,
crashing waves: do not forget,
remember, friends from where does your help
come? From God – hold on to
hope, for God will come, will lead
us home, and we will sing again.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Wisdom's call

Proverbs 8:1–4, 22–31 

Hear Wisdom call
in the central squares and main street marches,
from desert heart to ocean depth:

I call to you, my people;
I cry to all that has life.

At the beginning, and long before,
I was: I was with Creator.
Before the depths, before the springs,
I was: before even water.
Before mountains had shape, before
hills arose, I was: before earth and soil.

I was there when Creator spread
the heavens wide; for the lifting of the sky.
I was there when fountains flowed
rivers and seas, and for the marking of their edges.
I was dancing the joyful song, weaving
rhythm through the fabric of it all!
I was there, with Creator and Spirit
Breath, Holy Partners making life!

Now, my children, listen to me,
joy comes in keeping my ways.
Feel the rhythm Wisdom plays,
pay attention to what I teach.
Follow me, Creator's Partner, Spirit's
friend, follow and find true life;
for I will lead you true, my children,
into the heart of Love.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Remembering love and kindness

John 14:8–18 


Holy One, we love you,
and we have kept your commandments,
and we have also failed to keep
your commandments.
We have misunderstood,
misinterpreted, misapplied,
even the simple foundation
of them all: to love.

Holy One, we believe in you,
and we have received your gift of faith,
and we have not treasured
the gift as we ought.
We have been selfish,
ungrateful, and treated your kindness
with disdain through our cruelty.

Forgive us, please, we pray.



Jesus says, 'I am coming to you.
I will not leave you alone.'
In Spirit, in Holy One,
grace comes to us again.
Hear this assurance, and be at peace.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

As One

John 17:20–26 

Jesus asks on our behalf
that we may be as one;
as Holy Three are three in one,
that we may be with Them;
that the Sacred love and honour
he knows, may even be known by us;
that Love, enduring, will endure,
and keep us in Holy Presence.

Here we are now, gathered as one:
in Holy Presence and Sacred Love,
we bring our worship to God.

Ascension blessings

Luke 24:44–53 

We gather in awe and wonder,
hoping to enter your presence again;
we gather to wait on your Spirit,
seeking your blessing, offering our praise.

Continue now in the presence of God,
offering praise with joy and gratitude.

May you always know the blessing of Christ,
be ever clothed with the power of the Spirit,
and showered in the promise of our Creator.

Monday, 20 May 2019

A prayer for the Earth

after Psalm 67

In our own ways,
people of Earth,
we shall sing our praise
to the Divine.

May the Sacred shine
through us all,
as peace, as joy, as light.

In our own ways,
people of Earth,
we know the Divine
Source of life.

May the Sacred
bless us all,
may we see that gift
in each other.


Sunday, 19 May 2019

Keep the word of love

John 14:23–29 

an affirmation / commitment to God 

Jesus, we love you;
we celebrate your return
into the Holy Embrace,
the Source of love and life.

Jesus, we hear you,
your word of love and justice,
and we promise to walk
your Way.

Jesus, we thank you;
your blessing and challenge of peace
give us courage and purpose,
to be your peace in the world.

As you are in the Holy Three,
we accept your invitation to join you,
welcomed home, a welcome
we offer to our neighbours
with our love, our peace, our kindness.