Sunday, 9 May 2021

Our living, growing, church

Acts 1:15–17, 21–26 

We pray for the church,
living, growing, changing. 

We give thanks for our leaders,
past and present and emerging. 

May those who are concluding 
roles and terms and responsibilities
among us do so with peace
for all that they will not do,
and gratitude for all that they have given. 
May we show grace to those
who have gone before,
listen for their wisdom,
honour their contribution,
even as we make the job our own. 

May those who discern a new season
of service, contribution, giving,
in new roles, terms, responsibilities
among us, do so with courage
for the challenges ahead,
and hope for the life they will nurture. 
May we support and encourage
our leaders, through presence
and prayer, listening, trusting,
participating in the life our our 
community with all we each can give. 

We pray for our church,
living, growing, changing,
as it has done always,
with You. 

Sunday, 2 May 2021

These people who have received

Acts 10:44–48 

Astonish us, Holy One,
with your wide, wide welcome. 

Challenge us, Holy One,
to welcome unexpected outsiders. 

Astonish us, Holy Spirit,
with your indiscriminate drenching. 

Challenge us, Holy Spirit,
to share you, abundantly. 

Astonish us, Wisdom Word,
with your voice in unfamiliar tongues. 

Challenge us, Wisdom Word,
to listen for you beyond our expectations. 

Astonish us, Divine Parent,
with your Love, your Love profound. 

Challenge us, Divine Parent, 
to love, with you, all that you love. 


Monday, 26 April 2021

As your people

Acts 8:26–40 

We pray for open hearts,
minds enquiring
spirits searching. 

Like the court official
reaching for Holy One
travelling to the Sacred Home
of the people of God, 
may we travel Ethiopia
to Jerusalem distances
and more
to worship you
to gather together
as your people. 

We pray for open hearts,
minds enquiring
spirits searching. 

Like Philip, in tune
with Holy One, responding
to the call to go,
may we get up and go
with no more clarity than 'towards –' 
with trust
with joy
playing our part in the Body
of your people. 

We pray for open hearts,
minds enquiring
spirits searching. 

Like the unnamed foreigner
reaching for Holy One,
searching the Story for Spirit,
for meaning, for hope,
may we welcome fellow travellers
through these sacred traditions
and listen
and wonder
and enter the Story together
as your people. 

We pray for open hearts,
minds enquiring
spirits searching. 

Like Philip, open, ready
to run towards the unknown
to listen
to accept an invitation
to enter the story together, 
may we run
together to worship
together to celebrate
as your people. 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Jesus asks

Acts 4:9–10 

If we are questioned today
because of a good deed done
for someone who was sick, 
and are asked how this one was healed,
or why that one was fed,
this one clothed, these ones given
a drink of water; 

if we are questioned today
because of a clear word spoken
for someone who was oppressed,
and asked by what authority,
or why this one needs funding,
or that one to be heard,
these ones seen, those ones given time
and access to support; 

if we are questioned today
because of our forgiveness 
and asked, how could we? 
or why would we? 

If we are questioned
because we do as Jesus asked,
then someone is asking,
someone provoking, a good question. 

May it be so. Amen. 

Sunday, 11 April 2021

raised to life

Acts 3:12–19 

Dear God;
we have been unjust, unkind, unwilling
to believe you can transform life. 
We have looked at lives transformed
by love, by the invitation to wonder,
and we have dismissed what
makes us feel uncomfortable. 
We are sorry. 

Like the crowd who turned
from their trust in Jesus to save them,
we have not trusted in your mystery;
forgive us our cold hearts,
our reluctance to grow,
our lack of welcome for each other. 

Forgive us when we crucify Jesus 
again with our rejection of each other. 

Forgive us when we let go of your faith,
betray your trust, abandon you in our fear. 
your people. 

Assurance of Grace 
To my dear people, 
Thank you for saying sorry. 
Please remember that I raised Jesus from death to life, 
and so I raised you with him: 
get up, now, and live! 
Do not be afraid, but be at peace. 
I forgive you. Always. 

Sunday, 4 April 2021

That none will be in need


Acts 4:32–35 
prayer for ourselves and the world 

Holy One, we bring our prayer to you,
for ourselves and for the world; or
for ourselves as agents for change in the world. 

We pray that we may be of one heart,
committed to you and your Way of Love. 

Where one has plenty and another
is in need, may we give and receive
with generosity and grace,
that all may have enough. 

May we each, in this priesthood
of all believers, tell the story
of your return to life,
in our living, our words, our love. 

Holy One, we bring our prayer
to you, that none will be in need,
that none will be bound by greed,
that all may have enough – 
that all may have enough, to live,
to truly, fully, live! 

Saturday, 3 April 2021

This dark day between

Holy Saturday 
Lamentations 3:1–9, 19–24 

We know that light will
greet us tomorrow, and yet,
and still, we are here,
in this day of darkness. 

This grief is like a wasting
away of flesh and bone;
a drowning in bitter waters;
a death, somehow, of its own. 

There is no escape over
the walls around us,
the chains upon us,
the silencing of our cries. 

The pain of it, even
the thought of it, this 
kind of homelessness, is galling –
and yet, and still, a different thought ... 

The lovingkindness of Holy One never ceases;
mercy from Holy One never ends,
but renews every morning,
faithfulness to cause awe and wonder! 

Holy One is my nourishment,
my soul remembers, it trusts – 
so I have hope – hope! 
My hope is Holy One!