Sunday, 28 November 2021

No place for them

Christmas Intercessions with Luke 2:1–7 

We remember Joseph and Mary,

and we pray for our neighbours, 


We remember Joseph and Mary,

and we pray for our neighbours, 


We remember Joseph and Mary,

and we pray for our neighbours, 


We remember Jesus,

and we pray for our neighbours, 
and ourselves 



Sunday, 21 November 2021

Held Safe. Haikus for Advent

1. Hope 
Jeremiah 33:14–16

rooted in Holy
Land produces harmony
promise branches forth 

2. Peace 
Baruch 5:1–9 

carried on the breeze
fragrant whisper: tingles, sighs,
remembered, we breathe 

3. Joy 
Zephaniah 3:14–20 

horizon's morning glow
dew-tipped leaves and God's loud singing
birds, exultant, free! 

4. Love 
Micah 5:2–5a 

to time and story
born, fed, protected: mothered
God, Immanuel 

Sunday, 14 November 2021

Be the kin-dom

Rev 1:4b–8 

Grace to you, and peace to you,
from the One who is and was
and is to come; from Christ
who lived and died and lived
again; from Beginning and End
and all between. 

Take that grace, take that peace,
be the kin-dom Christ called us
to be; the priesthood of the faithful,
the family of God; and so may
all eyes see our freedom 
and wonder – and wonder! 


Sunday, 7 November 2021

with the distressed

1 Samuel 1:4–20 

to ask of God, in great distress;
to pray, and pray again 

Hannah got her prayed-for child,
but, God, what about the others? 

we ask of you, with the much distressed: 
we pray, and pray again 

whether we get our prayed-for gifts,
or, God, if we receive much else. 

we come to you with the world's distress,
to pray, and pray again – 

for war zones
and refugee camps,
detention centres,
trains and deserts of pilgrims
fleeing for peace 


for empty homes
and the homeless,
boxes and trolleys,
broken hearts and shattered
dreams of hope 


for the dying
and the grieving,
hospitals and homes,
beds and chapels 
and rooms of waiting 


for children 

for disabled folk

for teachers

for essential workers

for our world reeling under the Covid-19 pandemic 

for hope and opportunity,
peace, justice, healing, love 

we ask you, God, for all distressed: 
we pray, and pray again 

Hannah got her miracle, but
ours is to live the prayers we speak 


Monday, 1 November 2021

Faithful Saints

Wisdom of Solomon 3:1–9 

for All Saints' Day 

the souls of the faithful
are in the hand of Holy One

to the foolish they seemed
to have died - but they are at peace! 

the souls of the faithful
have their hope in Holy One

they are worthy, they are accepted,
they shine like sparkling stars! 

the souls of the faithful
abide in love with Holy One

for the faithful, Holy One,
is Mercy, is Grace, is Life everlasting, Amen! 

Sunday, 31 October 2021

Taking Part

to follow the reading of Ruth 3–4 

We thank you for Ruth,
her love, her loyalty,
her obedience, her trust; 
and we wonder, was 
it blind, or open-eyed? 

and we pray for all the Ruths,
loving, loyal, obedient
and trusting: may their eyes
see clearly, may they 
always understand. 

We thank you for Naomi,
her care, her protection,
her creative manoeuvre for safety: 
and we wonder, was she there
if reward did not follow the dare? 

and we pray for all Naomis,
on unprotected journeys home,
holding only risky cards to play: 
may our motives, however jumbled,
include each other in our care. 

We thank you for the Story,
for your part, between the lines;
for the Story of your people,
their welcome of the 'other' 
and the part they play – up-front. 

and we pray for our hearing
of your Story, and our part
as people of your Story, open 
to each other and the parts
we all will play. 

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Praise to our hope and help

Psalm 146 

We praise you Holy One! 
We sing our praise to you alone,
may the song endure,
your praises never end! 

You live, give life, 
you are always
Holy One, you endure,
your praises never end! 

You are our help,
you are our hope,
Creator of sea and land and sky, 
faithful through all of time. 

You are Justice,
you, Liberation,
you, help and hope
for the poor. 

Your way is release
for captives, sight
for the blind and home
for stranger, widow, orphan. 

You lift up,
you open gates,
you are Mercy
and Lovingkindness. 

We praise you Holy One;
we sing praise to you alone; 
may the song endure,
your praises never end!