Saturday, 21 November 2020

Who is Holy One?

Isaiah 64:1–4 
Advent 1: Hope 

Who is Holy One? 

The One who dwells in heaven
The One who dwells on hearth 

The One whose hand made all things
The One whose hand holds all things 

The One who looks with favour on a humble spirit
The One who looks with favour on the receptive heart 

The One rejected by those who diminish life 
The One rejected by those who worship idols 

The One we did not answer when called 
The One we hurt with our turning away 

The One who calls again, anger put aside 
The One who redeems again, Love personified  

Saturday, 14 November 2020

A prayer like Paul's

Ephesians 1:15–23 

for the church 

We pray for your church,
Holy One, descendants 
of those to whom Paul wrote. 

May your church and its people
live faithful to the Way of Jesus the Christ,
show love for each other,
be grateful for each other,
pray for one another always. 

Give to your church and its people
your Spirit of Wisdom, and may we
accept this gift, this presence,
this Way, wholeheartedly. 

Help us to live with hope,
trust in your empowerment,
and share these gifts with the world. 

May your church and its people
proclaim the good news of life
in all its fulness, proclaimed by Christ
in his living, his death, his
return to life. 

May your church and its people
be known by the world to be
the body of Christ, embodying
his Way of Love, Peace, Justice,
enacting hope and trust in you,
Holy One, Holy Three, 
Parent, Wisdom, Spirit
incarnate in Jesus the Christ. 

Saturday, 7 November 2020

like a thief in the night

 1 Thessalonians 5:1–11 

in darkest hours, close
folding in to self – safe: 
now, he draws you out! 

Sometimes the Story tastes sour

Judges 4:1–7 

Holy One of the Sacred Story,
sometimes I do not understand. 

That you hear the cry of Israel
oppressed in Canaan, twenty
years oppressed by cruel hands – 
I do see you, Merciful One. 

That you speak redemption
through prophet-judge Deborah,
end to misery by their own hands – 
I do see you, Faithful One. 

That you promise to deliver
the oppressor through battle,
ten thousand swords in hand – 
I try to see you, Justice. 

That you choose to work 
through human ones, women
as well as men – 
I do see you, Holy Partner. 

But must I see you descending Tabor
before Barak and ten
thousand solders' swords,
leaving not one of Sisera's 
men alive? 

Must I see your hand in Jael's,
rending peace with tent peg
and hammer, not 
one left? 

Is that really you, subduing
one army through the weapons 
of another, redeeming some
humans, rejecting others? 

Holy One of the Sacred Story,
meet me here as I know you, 
Justice, Mercy, Steadfast Love; 
meet me in my confusion
even if this story must remain 

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Hope Restored

Psalm 78:1–7 

Listen, people of Holy One: 
listen to the Story. 
Hear the ancient chapters
of struggle, conflict, evil,
of distance from home
and Holy One, of covenant
broken and rejected, 
relationships broken,
Holy One and kin rejected. 

Hear the dark times 
told again: we will not
close our ears not hide
away, but tell what 
our ancestors did 
and came to know; 
we will tell for each new
generation of children 
of Holy One – They are 
faithful, inspire awe,
show love beyond measure, 
restore what is broken again
and again. 

Promises made again
Teaching given again
Covenant written again 
in the heart of the Divine
and Their people. 

Listen, people of Holy One – 
Hear the Story of hope
that meets the people
of the only Holy One, 
the light that draws us on. 

All Saints' Day Prayer

 1 John 3:1–3 

To be child of Holy One 
is to hope

that the dust will fall
from feet unwelcome 
across hostile thresholds 

that the system's shackles
do not bind us, as it seems
at present 

that the light piercing 
cracks in this broken
world is coming for us. 

We hope, because the Holy
children who went before
showed us how to hope,
and we give thanks 
for the saints, the flawed
faithful, our kin. 

We hope, because the Holy 
child Jesus lived this hope 
among us, showed us how 
to hope; and we give thanks
for the human incarnation,
the Spirit with him, Wisdom
within him, Creator before 

and we accept the invitation
to hope – to be 
child of Holy One. 

Sunday, 25 October 2020

What really is

1 Thessalonians 2:9–13 

Holy One, Holy Three,
help us to listen
and hear from each other
your voice, your word 
of love; help us 
to speak so that others
may hear from us your
voice, your word of love.