Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Jesus ascends. Acts 1:1–11

by way of introduction to this new site, here is a prayer for the feast of the Ascension - 5 May 

Is this the time
that we expected, as we lived,
ejected from home and country,
objected to by powers that see
not the humans here before
their violent arrival?

It is not for you to know, 
but yet to hope, sing on although
the songs stick in your throat, to
dream on, envisioning a shape
for the shadow dancing on the wall,
showing you the light.

Why stand you there, looking heavenward? 
In a cloud he left you, in a cloud
he comes again: the cloud is you.
'You will be my witnesses,' you heard
him say – crowd in around the story,
shout loud the invitation from the hills,
the time is now and always, see heaven
here, be heaven here on earth.


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