Sunday, 14 August 2016


Jeremiah 1:4–10

I am only, I do not know
how or what or where;

I am only, I cannot go,
I am too afraid.

I am only, I have not
height or voice or strength;

I am only, I am little,
broken, old, young.

I am only, I will not
be welcomed, heard or heeded;

I am only, they are more,
so much more than me.

I am only, but I am listening,
I will trust you when you call;

for I am only who I am,
and with you I am not alone.


  1. So many times we hear of the 'heroes' telling God they just can't do it. We feel like that too and yet, and yet...

  2. Very invitational to listen to God's call - thanks Sarah.

  3. Many thanks, Sarah. Thinking very much about call this week! This is a wonderful contribution.

    1. Mmm. Yes, I would imagine you are! Blessings to you at this time x

  4. Hi Sarah. Just wanted you to know that I used this as a prayer of confession on Sunday. It was a real help in my thinking about the readings, as I talked about not only our own 'only', but how we think of others too...from the gospel - 'only' a woman, 'only' disabled... I talked about how we subtly think of others as 'only' when we have to tag a modifier on to a description: male nurses, female Prime Minister, gay couple, blended family. Why not just nurses, Prime Minister, couple, family, etc.? So thank you once more. People were very appreciate of your prayer/poem. A xo

    1. Annette, thank you. How wonderful to hear the ways in which my words sparked your ideas and reflections. I am thrilled to hear it was a positive contribution to your gathered worship. Thank you x