Sunday, 11 September 2016

We bring our supplications

1 Tim 2:1–7

There is one God.
There is one Jesus the Christ.
It is right to bring to God
through Christ our redeemer
our supplications, prayers,
our intercessions and thanksgivings.

We pray for those in high places,
who govern to ensure peace
in our land and dignity for all.

We pray for those in low places,
forgotten, overlooked, too often
without dignity or peace.

We pray for those enslaved by
poverty, by captors, by greed
and power, jealousy and fear.

We pray for our own freedom,
limited by the lack of freedom
for so many of our neighbours.

We pray for people of faith, for
disciples and prophets, rabbis
and priests and pastors.
We pray for our teaching and our
learning, that it be true
to Love, faithful to the Divine.

There is one God, who desires
the healing of all that lives. To You
we bring our prayers, our world,
we bring our selves.


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