Sunday, 23 October 2016

At the feet of Wisdom

prayers of praise and confession

Psalm 119:137–144

You are holy, you are just.
God, You judge with Wisdom.

You are faithful, Holy One,
decree only what is right and good.

Your promises can be trusted,
your word is sweet to hear.

You lay a path of Love to follow,
a path of justice and truth.

Your justice reigns throughout the earth,
Your holiness is everlasting.

Zeal sometimes consumes us, God,
when those against us act with fear.

Your words of justice, Your way of Love,
will help us trust in You.

Though we feel small, despise and are despised,
we will remember what we have learned;

sitting at the feet of Wisdom,
delighting in Your Word.

Though troubles come, though we know anguish,
we will find life in understanding;

we will live because of You,
will thrive through Your good teaching.


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