Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Bonus: Story - Zaccheus and Jesus

Each week, on a Wednesday, I post a 'Midweek Musing' over on my other blog, sarah tells stories. Today, it's a story for the lectionary reading from the Gospels this Sunday.

'Zaccheus' by Joel Whitehead
source: The Text this Week
Jesus enters Jericho and is passing through the town. He is not alone. His followers are with him – the twelve, the women, the followers travelling for various reasons and lengths of time. And the crowd. There is always a crowd.

As followers move on, or the support team of women go ahead to find food and lodging for the intimate group, words gets out. The word is out; wild, untamable, contagious and gathering mass and momentum.

The word is out! He heals! I am well again! She can see again! They – they ­– were made welcome! The word is out: the word is, he is, here! And the people spill out from their homes and farms, from the market places, shops and gardens. He is here, and all desire an encounter, to be closer, to see!

Zaccheus is in Jericho, a senior tax collector there, and very rich. Zaccheus wants to see who this Jesus is, who could be gathering such crowds, who is liked and loved by all; who is so many things that he, Zaccheus, is not. ... 
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