Sunday, 16 October 2016

With all creation

Psalm 65

In all the earth we see you, God,
in earth and sea and sky. In mountains
standing tall and mighty we see
your strength and we find courage.
In roaring seas made calm and still we
see you, powerful, and we hear you
in the silence.
                         In places far
and out of reach to humans you are seen
with awe and wonder. In every dawning
of the day and each falling of the night,
the sky delights to show your beauty,
shimmering golden gateways to joy.

In the emptying clouds, we feel your touch,
and with the grains and flowers stretch towards
your gift of life. In water falling, tumbling,
washing, rough edges grow smooth and we see,
if we are patient, your patient, constant
presence. In growing and in reaping, in
dying and in planting, we see a richness to this
life with you, we dance with birds and sing
the music of the hills and valleys – together
will we sing, inhabitants of earth, in joy
and in thanksgiving, in praise of Holy God.

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