Sunday, 29 January 2017

Lead them to the water

Matthew 5:13–20

to be salt,
to be tasty, moreish,
make them thirsty,
lead them hither
to drink, to quench,
to drench from lips
to depths; to be
salt dusted on the earth
he swept across;
you are salt, scattered
by the water that restores
your taste, your thirst,
for water.

to be light,
to be free and brightly
dancing on the water,
shimmer, glimmer all
hope and fresh renewal;
sweep the earth
with beams inviting,
guiding them, lighting
their turning to the Way;
point them hither, to
the shimmer of an ocean
deep beyond all dreaming,
gleaming mysteries to dive
for, whispered story to
revive the light that flickers
unextinguished in the dark.

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