Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Voice like a Storm

Psalm 29

have you watched the grey clouds swim
across the sky in a synchronized net to trap
the sunlight, and felt your skin shudder
in shock at the sudden snap of cold
about you?
                        have you turned the corner into
a force that presses you back, had to
duck into an alley so as to catch your breath,
stolen by the wind?
                                    have you opened the door
to a sheet of water that would drown
the strongest fish?
                                                have you felt your
stomach fall to the ground in awe
and excitation as the sky thunders
to shake the walls and lightning shatters
the dark – for a second?

Out of the darkest clouds shines God’s
voice, a beacon to light your way.

Into the coldest days and nights
blazes God’s voice, a fire to warm
your heart.

Against any force, any gale that will
blow your breath right out of your lungs,
stands God’s voice, shelter in
which to catch your breath again.

Under deepest water God’s voice
is the calling of a whale to hold you
and burp you onto the shore bedraggled,
but very much alive.

Above the shaken floor resounds
a voice that is never shaken, never
stunned into silence – it cries out
like the raging storm, for all

who have ears to hear.

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