Sunday, 30 April 2017

Divine care

after Psalm 23
Fourth Sunday in Easter

All is ready,
the Divine host has prepared
for all our needs.

Still places, thin places,
where waters flow,
wildflowers show off
the bounty, beauty
of creation: souls
restored, minds cleared,
bodies rested. The Divine
has taken such good care.

Even in the dark places,
the harsh places, where
rain does not fall, where
soil cracks deep and
thirsty, Divine Comfort is,
even there: stars pierce
the night, angels’ flight
sends a breeze to ease
the mind, give body breath,
soul rest; to clear a path
of humility, of kindness.
The Divine has taken
such good care.

A home awaits, feast is laid,
cups ever full, love overflowing,
mercy, goodness, showered
like oil anointing each day
of life, and here I’ll stay,
in this house the Divine
has made ready for us,
the beloved, Divinely loved.

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