Sunday, 2 July 2017

Wisdom Incarnate

Matthew 11:16–18, 25–30

they shout at Wisdom,
why do you not dance
to our lively tunes?

they cry to Wisdom,
we are wailing, why
do you not mourn with us?

they accuse the messenger
announcing Wisdom, of demons,
heed not the call to turn

they accuse Wisdom
of gluttony and drunkenness,
of befriending the unworthy

Listen, you who shout at Wisdom,
cry and wail and accuse –
Wisdom’s deeds are Wisdom’s vindication.

Wisdom thanks the God of all,
Creator, sender of Wisdom to earth
and Spirit sustainer or Wisdom on earth

Wisdom whispers in the dark,
heard by those who stay awake,
hidden from those who cast long shadows

Wisdom utters an invitation
to the weary, the burdened, the tired:
I will give you rest.

Wisdom says, you shall learn from me
a way of ease and freedom, for
I am gentle and I am humble in my heart

Wisdom offers rest within that heart, Divine;
come to me, come all you weary,
for I have come for you.

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