Sunday, 27 August 2017

A statement of hope

Romans 12:9–21

May our love be genuine,
releasing hatred and fear and evil,
steadfast and true to all that is good.

May our love be mutual, affectionate;
may we honour one another, respect
one another, ardent in the Spirit of God.

May our love be honest,
rejoicing in hope, enduring suffering,
persevering in prayer always.

May our love be generous:
may we give, may we share,
may we welcome strangers and friends.

May our love be courageous,
resisting revenge, offering blessing,
rejoicing, weeping, seeking harmony.

May our love be humble;
may we stand beside the lowly,
take the lowest seat for ourselves.

May our love be forgiving;
may we feed our enemies,
give them drink to quench their thirst.

May our love be genuine,
empty of hate and fear and evil,
overflowing all that is holy and good.


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