Wednesday, 7 February 2018

In secret

litany based on Matt 6:1–6, 16–21

Come into a secret room,
come away from the crowds
and the light.
Come into the secret room
of your heart, your depth,
your all.

Here you are met by God,
and God alone.
Here you confess to God,
and God alone.

In secret, name your hurts,
your fears: none will hear
but God.
In secret bear your scars,
your tears: none will see
but God.

Here you will need your courage,
here you will need to be brave.
But there will be no fanfare,
no heroes’ welcome as we look
only to ourselves.

Look closely, look with care
and attention, at your fullness
of humanity.
See and do not turn away
from what you have done or left

Look closely, look with care
and attention, in a mirror
of God’s deep loving;
look, be seen, and in this secret
place of honesty, find hope,
and healing, and humility.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah, this really resonates with me as I came across a book I feel drawn to use for Lent. It is 'Holy Solitude; Lenten Reflections with Saints, Hermits, Prophets abd Rebels' by Heidi Haverkamp. Thank you.