Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A Passion Sunday Liturgy

Mark 14:1–15:47


Read 14:1–2 

The story begins,
the story of the end. 
As we enter the story again,
we enter the Presence of God,
Holy One, Holy Three,
whose peace is with us all. 


Praise / thanksgiving 

Read 14:3–25 

Anointed, you were blessed,
met in kindness, honoured;
we meet you here with our thanks,
for all that you are and do,
Jesus, God Immanuel. 

Jesus, God with us and for us, 
we thank you again and again,
for your body,
the covenant you made,
the love that flows
from you to all creation.


Confession & assurance of grace 

Read 14:26–72 

In the silence,
we give you our broken hearts,
our weary bodies,
our faltering concentration,
our denials, betrayals, abandonment of you. 


Jesus breaks his body for us,
makes with his blood a new
covenant to restore us: 
you are forgiven. Be at peace. 

[sing / music] 


Read 15:1–41 

For leaders of faith communities,
human, full of fear and tempted by power,
we pray. 


For leaders of our communities,
states, and nations, 
human, full of fear and tempted by power,
we pray. 


For soldiers and police, humans, and the systems
of war and law enforcement, full of fear and temptations of power,
we pray. 


For prophets and peace makers, 
meeting fear with love, and power with non violent resistance,
we pray. 


For victims of, and bystanders to, oppression,
overcome by fear, and feeling disempowered,
we pray. 


For the faithful of every time and place,
seeking to follow God's Way of Love,
and for ourselves, 
we pray. 





Read 15:42–47 

We see that you have died,
Jesus our teacher and guide. 

We see that you are buried,
your body laid to rest in a cave. 

And now we enter the silence,
the space and time of waiting. 

We know how this story ends: 
may we not rush to the finish. 

Be with us through this Holy Week,
in the waiting, in your story. 

leave in silence 

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