Sunday, 17 June 2018

Trust in Holy One

Psalm 9:9–20
A prayer for the world 

We trust in the Holy,
fortress-like for the troubled,
refuge for the oppressed.

We trust in you, Holy One,
you do not turn away
from those who seek you.

We sing praise to the Holy,
tell of what we know: Holy One
remembers the cries of affliction.

We seek your grace, Holy One:
lift us into life when we need
saving, as you have before.

We trust in the Holy,
impatient with injustice,
known in the ways of Wisdom.

We will not forget you, Holy One,
for we know the poor are not
forgotten by you, source of our hope.

We wait on you, Holy One,
for humanity to remember we
are not Divine – but you, you are
the Holy One.


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