Sunday, 29 July 2018

Return to Love

Psalm 51:1–12 


I have turned from you,
Holy One, Holy Three;
rejected your promises, ignored
your Way of Love.

Teach me again, Wisdom
guide of my heart and mind;
help me find my way again
into grace, into Love.

Blow through me, cleansing
Breath: renew, revitalise
these bones and sinews, veins
and arteries; fill me with your Love.

Recreate me, Maker, Source
of Life; I have become twisted,
lost the shape you formed.
Create me anew, for Love.


Assurance of grace 

Friends, Holy One delights in you,
welcomes your return:
so turn, and hear again -
you are made new,
by Spirit, Wisdom, Source
of Love.

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