Sunday, 16 December 2018

Mary’s Song: Holy Is

Luke 1:46b-55 

My soul sings in wonder,
with awe for Holy One.
My soul sings with joy, sings
the hope I know in God.

Holy One saw me and chose me -
see this gift, this blessing,
and sing with me in awe, for
Divine mysterious grace.

Holy is the Sacred Name,
great and worthy of praise.
Mercy flows from Holy one,
ever and ever unending.

Strength is in Holy One,
to scatter the proud of heart.
Just is Holy One to remember
the forgotten, downtrodden.

Kind is Holy One, to feed
the hungry delight upon delight.
Holy One remembers the people
made holy by the Sacred Name.

Mercy flows from Holy One,
a promise made of old;
mercy flows for Abraham’s family,
for Sarah’s kin in the Divine.

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