Sunday, 3 February 2019

We worship you

Psalm 138 

Hearts, full of praise for you;
voices, singing gratitude; 
bodies, temples, turning to your faithfulness,
soaking in your love. 

Your name shines through the dark world,
brightens everything. 

My plea flies to you,
on Spirit's groaning wings; 
strength dives with me in sight, 
lifts and carries my soul. 

Your word pierces the clamouring world,
silence heard through everything. 

Rulers will re-tune their song,
will join the chorus to your glory: 
may they see their haughty selves,
the worthy lowly, through your eyes. 

Your hand reaches through the tangled world,
clears a path through every thing. 

Hearts are full of your true Love,
voices sing with joy;
bodies, temples, stand for you,
Holy, Sacred, One. 


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