Sunday, 14 April 2019

It is true

Luke 24:1–12 


we don't believe it
it is true! 

we don't believe you
it is true! 

we won't listen
it is true! 

we trust our own eyes only
it is true! 

and in the truth
of our humanity
flawed and fragile,
beautiful and bombastic,
you came, you come,
you lived, you died,
you live again

bring us into your truth
of our humanity,
of your Sacred wonder –
draw us into new life!


Here we are
on Easter Day,
the day of resurrection:
believe it,
it is true,
grace, love, life,
are here for you,
for us all.
Be at peace.

the refrain of 'it is true' could be spoken by a woman, a group of women, or all the women in the congregation, to draw attention to the story from which this prayer takes its inspiration: the male disciples not believing the female witnesses to the resurrection. 
speaking the refrain as a whole congregation draws us into our own disbelief. 
be creative as you pray this prayer in a meaningful way for your community. 

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