Monday, 30 December 2019

Make it now

Matthew 2:1-12 

Where is the child, born king? they ask.
Where is the child born now? we ask.
Where the hope? Where the light?
Where is the challenge born today?
The challenge to kings on flimsy thrones,
the promise of peace for victims of war,
the threat of justice to shake oppressors
in their slave-built towers - where
is the Holy child born again
in a world starved of miracle,
parched of life?
                           Where is the child
piercing silence with angel chorus,
piercing darkness with star-light shining,
piercing hearts with love Divine?

Make it here, o Holy child,
your entry to the world;
make it us, o Holy child,
your challenge to the world;
make it now, o Holy child,
your peace through all the earth -
o make it now, we pray.

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