Sunday, 4 December 2016

the one

Matt 11:2–11

(would work well read in two voices)

Are you? Is it true? Has the time
arrived? Held, bound, John reaches
for the one to truly hold him, to whom
his heart is ever bound. Friends,
has he become what we hoped, has
God sent the promised Messiah?

Are you? Is it true? What time
has now arrived? Loose, free, are we
adrift from joy and wonder? Friends,
will he become in us what God
hoped he would, the light of Sacred love?

Go tell. What do you see? Good news
feeding hungry people, starving
no longer, my friend. Death to life,
blindness to sight, walking, talking,
standing tall and clean and home.

Go – tell. What do we see? Good
news quenching thirst and famine?
Friends, is death renewed, are silent
voices heard? Where is there dancing
in the streets with joy and reconciliation?

Look, see, the comfortable hide away.
Prophets are found in the wild, visible,
vulnerable, exposed. John is the one
promised, preparing: look, see, that he
is great, no greater than the least of these.

Look, see the privileged who close their ears?
Prophets will be heard, will not be kept silent:
listen and stand there by their side. I am
the one, Jesus replies, says to you
you are greater with me.

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