Sunday, 13 November 2016

King Jesus

after Luke 23:33–43

King of the Jews,
crown without jewels,
heavier to wear as you
hung up there on
a throne made of wood,
not of gold.

King with the heart
of a servant, a shepherd
with strength to match
any lion or thief in
the night.

King with no Queen, or
is she within?
Wisdom the Woman who
danced at creation, threw
open the welcome beyond
gates to the city
of choice.

King undefended, angel-
protected, the Tempter left
handed in the desert.

King of the Jews,
the Christ, our Messiah;
servant, alone, Holy
Three in your heart;
king of hearts, our
hearts, who follow your path
through the desert, who dance
at the banquet
with Wisdom.

1 comment:

  1. I share your concern about King terminology but for me it's something about the human need to have someone bigger than ourselves to rely on. I love the Wisdom Woman inclusion here. This king is a complex being beyond our understanding and more than all human knowing.