Wednesday, 12 April 2017

to the end of love : Maundy Thursday

John 13:1–17

Oh but how I love them,
and I will love them
to the end, and back again
to new beginnings.

They make me laugh,
with ‘not my feet – you
cannot stoop so low
my Lord,’ then ‘Oh, I see,
wash all of me! Tip
it all right over my head!’

They make me cry,
not all of you are here
with all your heart
and understanding, I know
who will leave the path,
the group, our family.

But I’ll love them all,
flaws and jewels and love
them through it all
so fiercely that all my love
will change their love
to a stooping low before
each other as I have done,
to wash, to serve, to love.

Oh, how I love them –
God will they love them,
the ‘all’ we would have
them welcome in, love
them with me until the end?

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