Monday, 11 March 2019

Listen carefully

Luke 13:31–35. Lent 2

the fox can have his den,
his thieving paws their gold,
for now.

the city can have her children,
her walls their stones,
for now.

for, now I work my way to you,
and then you’ll have me, too.
But, for now, I have my work to do,
to gather the willing, and then –

then the fox will steal my life,
the city will cast her stones;
then at last you will see
me: and now, your house is safe,
until –

until the time that comes
is here; until you shout a blessing
upon the one who comes,
he comes,
in the name of the Lord,
he comes,
for now,
he comes:
for you!

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