Sunday, 5 July 2020

Falling seeds

a parable retold – Matthew 13:1–9

Life scatters seeds indiscriminately.
Seeds of hope, of peace, of kindness;
seeds of joy, of love, of wisdom.
Falling on stone, birds may steal the seeds.
Falling on rocky ground, the seeds grow fast, but
do not live long without depth for resilience
when the wind howls, and the sun scorches.
Falling among thorns, the seeds are choked,
no air to breathe, no room to move.
Falling on healthy soil, the seeds of hope,
of peace, of kindness, seeds
of joy, of love, of wisdom push their roots
down deep, stretch their leaves high and wide,
grow strong, fruitful, spreading hope, peace
kindness, joy, love, wisdom, letting seeds
fall for more to grow in time.
Which soil are you, for the falling seeds?
Listen. Listen and hear.

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